It’s Show Time!

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It’s Showtime!!!

That’s how it feels here at Open Gate as we reveal our new website. It has been an 8-month journey to bring you a tool that is user friendly and relevant. The new design will grow with us and offers valuable content you can use in the form of online learning, videos, podcasts and more.

In the Oscars tradition, I want to thank the posse of fabulous people who made this production a reality. First and foremost, I must thank Nicole Flowers of Fingers Duke. She’s a true web wrangler and creative genius. If you need help designing a website – give her a call!

My deep and heartfelt gratitude also goes to: Sam Enlow, Katie Barch, Lauren Cabot Altergott, Kerri Nelson, Jeff Hora and Scott Breitbarth. They are some SERIOUSLY talented people. Check them out if you need stellar creatives on YOUR marketing team.

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