It’s Show Time!

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It’s Showtime!!! That’s how it feels here at Open Gate as we reveal our new website. It has been an 8-month journey to bring you a tool that is user friendly and relevant. The new design will grow with us and offers valuable content you can use in the form of online learning, videos, podcasts and more. In the Oscars …


The High Cost of Denial – Working Under the Influence

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Think about this – one of your steady employees recently leaves you feeling concerned. Her work product is full of errors, she shows up late from time to time. Once, you even thought you smelled alcohol – but no. It couldn’t be. Could it? One of the toughest parts of a leader’s job is managing those situations where substance abuse …

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Leaders – Grow Your Influence This Year

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Want to grow your influence this year and beyond? Perhaps you manage a small team or own a mid-size company. Or maybe you’re an individual contributor and don’t see yourself as a leader – but someday. Regardless how we perceive ourselves, we all have the capacity to be leaders – right here and now. It’s tempting to look at magnetic …

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Foundations 1 – Attracting the Right Person to Your Team

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Have you noticed that finding great talent now feels like a marathon? Recruiting talent is challenging enough for large employers with tons of resources. For small business leaders, the tight labor market is creating a great obstacle to business growth and success. If you’ve done any hiring lately, I’ll venture that you might say it’s gotten extremely difficult to find …

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Alcohol Awareness Month – A Sensitive Subject for Leaders

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As we close out April and Alcohol Awareness Month, a few thoughts come to mind. Alcohol misuse not only impacts individuals and their families, but organizations as well. According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Addiction, workers with alcohol problems were 2.7 times more likely to have injury related absences. Analysis of workplace fatalities showed that at least 11% …

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Cultivate Listening and Watch Your Team Grow

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Last time, we talked about focusing on the basics of our leadership role (Set expectations. Get feedback. Reinforce.) What? You’re doing all these things and still not seeing the results you hope? Still herding cats? What is an awesome leader to do? Let me ask you something. Think about a time when you really felt heard. The person gave you …

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Leadership Declutter Project – Focus on Your Role

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There is much good information about the role of a leader. With so much guidance available, what is a busy leader to do? Information overload can hit very quickly and we fall back to old, comfortable patterns. A leader often must make decisions with little time to reflect. The most effective leaders are able to keep a laser focus on …